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Limestone quarry restoration

Recultivation of the quarry with the objective of creating unique nature and increase biodiversity.

Minning area biodiversity conservation

To minimise or even exclude the loss of biodiversity, GóraŜdŜe Cement S.A., in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Administration of the regional authorities, forest administration and scientists of the Opole University have started a Programme of biodiversity conservation for the mining area of GóraŜdŜe Cement S.A.

Cefn Mawr quarry rehabilitation

Wherever possible the worked out faces are sympathetically restored for both habitat improvement and softening of the visual impact so as to blend in with the surrounding areas.

Quarry nature adventure trail

Quarry and Nature live to see – a nature adventure trail around a quarry.

Quarry recultivation concept

The recultivation of the Weisenau quarry was already in its advanced stages before the initial rehabilitation plan changed. The basic principle of the new project was conservation of the already finished recultivated and renaturated areas, thus nature conservation.

Mixed decidious forest

Starting a Mixed Decidious Forest through Sowing. The area to be restorated was sown with a mix of various tree and shrub species in cooperation with the local forest authority.

Thier de Loën rehabilitation

The current quarry rehabilitation works aim to partially restore the original relief and the pre-existing ecological lawns of interest, similar to those of the neighboring Natura 2000 zones, as well as the creation of natural banks in the excavated pond.

Enhanced biodiversity through progressive rehabilitation

Holcim France has planned to progressively rehabilitate the site as part of the active operations with the following goals: full rehabilitation of the area and overall conservation of natural habitats and increase of available fauna and flora.