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EU Finance Ministers approve VAT changes to ETS fraudsters

EU Finance Ministers approved in December an amendment to EU VAT (value-added tax) rules in a bid to prevent fraudulent practices connected with the EU ETS.

Climate and energy package adopted

The European Parliament formally approved six new climate and energy laws in December, fulfilling the French Presidency’s stated objective of achieving some form of agreement before the end of the year.

Potential reorganisation of future commission on energy & climate change

An internal Task Force of the European Commission is looking at the organisation of the future Commission to be appointed next year.

164 sectors vulnerable to carbon leakage

The European Commission has released its draft list of sectors at risk of carbon leakage.

EU ETS auctioning proposal likely to be delayed

Opposition from the UK, Germany, Spain and Poland to European Commission proposals for a centralised system of auctioning carbon allowances in the EU ETS from 2013-20 could mean that the proposal is delayed.

Implications of Emissions Trading Scheme revision

The most significant aspect of the adopted climate change package is Parliament’s endorsement of the heads of governments’ final compromise on revising the EU ETS, reached on 12 December.

European Parliament allocates €18bn for CCS demonstration plants

The European Parliament’s Report on a proposal for a Regulation establishing a programme to aid economic recovery by granting Community financial assistance to projects in the field of energy was adopted in Plenary earlier this month.

Swedish Environment Minister speaks to Environment Committee

The Swedish Environment Minister, Andreas Carlgren, spoke to the European Parliament’s Environment Committee at the beginning of September, asking it to continue to push for a 30% global reduction in carbon emissions.

IEA examines emissions reduction in the cement industry

The implementation of carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) on a large scale could help the cement sector reduce its emissions by 18% by 2050 compared with current levels, estimates the International Energy Agency (IEA).

CEMBUREAU highlights issue of carbon leakage

The issue of carbon leakage - and the vulnerability of industries such as the cement industry – was highlighted during a CEMBUREAU press conference in December 2008.