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Eurobrief February 2011

Energy intensive industries: Why setting CO2 targets to 2050 is unrealistic

February 2011 - European industry is open to participate in developing visions towards 2050, an aspirational exercise - rather than setting strict targets - which industry recognises as being both challenging and inspiring.

How the petcoke market functions - Petroleum coke used as a combustible in cement kilns

February 2011 - Most industries operate with fixed prices for their input materials, for periods of at least 3–6 months ahead, with prices set either by contracts or by the hedging of future prices. However, the situation is different in terms of petcoke purchasing by the European cement industry.

CEMBUREAU quarterly economic report, 4th quarter and full year 2010: EU construction and cement activity still to catch path of EU economic recovery

February 2011 - After some positive results recorded during several months in 2010, EU construction and cement activities declined on both a quarterly and yearly level, despite signs of an overall EU economic recovery.