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Eurobrief January 2010

Commission Decision on carbon leakage published

Commission Decision 2010/2/EU determining a list of sectors and subsectors which are deemed to be exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage has been published in the European Union’s Official Journal (OJ).

EU Finance Ministers approve VAT changes to ETS fraudsters

EU Finance Ministers approved in December an amendment to EU VAT (value-added tax) rules in a bid to prevent fraudulent practices connected with the EU ETS.

EU ETS auctioning proposal likely to be delayed

Opposition from the UK, Germany, Spain and Poland to European Commission proposals for a centralised system of auctioning carbon allowances in the EU ETS from 2013-20 could mean that the proposal is delayed.

IEA examines emissions reduction in the cement industry

The implementation of carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) on a large scale could help the cement sector reduce its emissions by 18% by 2050 compared with current levels, estimates the International Energy Agency (IEA).

EU to approve recovery funding for CCS and wind

The European Commission has approved the allocation of €1.05 billion to seven carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in Europe.

Irish Parliament adopts carbon tax for non-ETS sectors

A carbon tax for sectors not covered by the EU ETS, starting at €15 per tonne, has been adopted by the Irish Parliament. There are no exemptions except for ETS sectors.

Agreement on sectoral approaches slipping away

Efforts to develop sectoral approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions did not go well at Copenhagen, according to the chair of the working group on long-term cooperative action (AWG-LCA).