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Eurobrief June 2010

Member States unlikely to vote on benchmarks before the summer

The European Commission is unlikely to reveal the draft benchmarks for the allocation of free carbon allowances under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) before the summer.

Report disputes Commission figures on emissions reduction

A recently published Deutsche Bank report disagrees with the European Commission’s analysis relating to greenhouse gas emission reduction targets on certain key points.

Decision on CCS demonstration projects to be published in the Official Journal

A Commission Decision on laying down criteria and measures for the financing of commercial demonstration projects that aim at the environmentally safe capture and geological storage of CO2 as well as demonstration projects of innovative renewable energy technologies should be published in the EU’s Official Journal shortly.

Commission adopts guidelines on CCS emissions monitoring

The European Commission has adopted a Decision on the provision of guidelines for monitoring and reporting emissions from the capture, transport and geological storage of carbon dioxide.

EEA report questions Commission position on emission reduction figures

Increased use of renewables and the economic downturn have contributed to emission reductions, according to new European Environment Agency (EEA) figures.

Growing pressure to allow Member States to set energy efficiency targets

There is growing pressure within the European Council to allow Member States to choose how to set their own energy efficiency targets.

Member States scheduled to vote on EU ETS auctioning in July

A Regulation on the timing, administration and other aspects of auctioning of greenhouse gas emission allowances, due for completion according to the EU ETS Directive by the end of June 2010, will not be finalised until autumn 2010.

Airline concern over entry into the ETS

The airline industry is concerned that the allocation of permits under the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will lead to significant trade distortion.

Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries publishes position papers on ETS issues

A Position Paper of the Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries covering the treatment of new entrants to the EU ETS was published in June.