CEMBUREAU’s feedback to New Circular Economy Action Plan Roadmap


CEMBUREAU welcomes the New Circular Economy Action Plan and the ambitious vision of the European Green Deal.

The cement sector in Europe substitutes today an average 46% of its fossil fuel needs for cement manufacturing with alternative sources (e.g. non-recyclable waste or biomass) and has ambitions to reduce the use of fossil fuel further.

CEMBUREAU supports the review of EU waste policy to ensure greater circularity throughout EU economy:

  • Landfilling should be either banned across the EU or highly taxed at Member States;
  • An EU model for separate waste collection could simplify waste management, improve efficiency of resource flows and ensure better access to secondary materials for business;
  • Export of waste outside the EU should stop. A review of the Waste Shipment Regulation should simplify waste movements within the EU and avoid unnecessary bureaucratic delays;
  • When waste is used in the cement kiln to produce clinker (the intermediate product of cement) its organic component provides heat inside the kiln and the non-combustible elements become part of the clinker, thanks to what is called “co-processing”. The potential of co-processing should be enhanced further through legislative & regulatory measures that recognise this form of material recycling and its contribution towards EU recycling targets.