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CEMBUREAU reaction to Sandbag study on ETS and the cement sector

Brussels 16 March 2016 – CEMBUREAU has taken note of the report published today by Sandbag, focusing on cement and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS). In this regard, we partly share the views of Sandbag such as the need for innovation funding to stimulate breakthrough technologies, a closer alignment between allocation and production in the form of a dynamic allocation and a stronger recognition of the role of alternative fuel and raw material use in emission reductions, with the inclusion of a landfill ban on recoverable and recyclable raw materials.

CEMBUREAU year-end 2015 Economic Report: Continued modest growth across the EU but some clouds on the horizon

Brussels 9 March 2016 – Published today, the CEMBUREAU Quarterly Economic Report for Q4 2015 shows that no EU countries experienced recession in 2015. However, the latest quarterly data revealed that economic growth did not gain momentum in Q4 2015 on a quarterly basis, with very modest growth rates recorded in all major EU economies, i.e. 0.3% in the EU28 and Germany, 0.2% in France and 0.1% in Italy. There are growing fears of a deterioration in the macroeconomic environment, risks of continuing deflation despite unprecedented ECB action and several factors of uncertainty that have cast a shadow on growth prospects for 2016.

The European Cement Association and Birdlife adopt joint position on EU nature directives: Better implementation to benefit biodiversity

Brussels 12 November 2015 – Birdlife Europe and CEMBUREAU have joined forces to identify ways in which the implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives could be enhanced to the benefit of biodiversity and nature conservation across Europe. In the context of the ongoing evaluation of the Birds and Habitats Directives , the experience shared by both the cement industry and NGOs demonstrates that whilst the Directives are fit for purpose, their implementation at national level needs to be tackled.

CEMBUREAU Position on COP21

Countries from all over the world are gathering in Paris from 30 November until 11 December to discuss a new binding international climate change agreement aiming at limiting global warming below 2° C. Adaptation to climate change will also be part of the agenda as costs for such adaptation are estimated at EUR 140 bn per year by 2030 and EUR 470 bn per year by 2050.

CEMBUREAU welcomes positive steps forward in circular economy package

Brussels 2 December 2015 – CEMBUREAU welcomes the circular economy package published by the European Commission today. The cement industry, which uses alternative fuels for 38.8 % of its fuel mix, is pleased to see recognition granted to material recycling which occurs at the same time as energy recovery. Indeed, by taking into consideration material recycling in the cement industry it is possible to boost the recycling rate of certain municipal waste

CEMBUREAU Q3 2015 report shows continued recovery across the EU

Brussels 17 December 2015 – Published today, the CEMBUREAU Quarterly Economic Report on Q3 2015 showed no GDP recession anywhere across the EU, with recovery speeding up in Spain and remaining at rather moderate rates almost elsewhere. However, the macroeconomic picture remains uneven as recovery appears to be uncertain and conditional to many potentially hindering factors, primarily subdued domestic demand in the EU and slowdown in external demand (i.e. exports), despite continued EUR depreciation, due to the downturn in emerging economies.

EU-ETS should incentivise best performers

Brussels 26 October 2015 – In the run up today’s Environment Council, the cement industry has been calling upon Ministers to ensure an EU Emission Trading System (EU-ETS) which incentivises best performers in the cement industry by providing them with full protection against carbon leakage. In doing so, the revised EU-ETS is turned into an incentivizing tool for investment, growth and jobs in Europe and allows industries like ours to provide innovative solutions in building the Europe of tomorrow.

CEMBUREAU Q2 2015 report shows slowing GDP momentum across eu

Brussels 29 September 2015 – Published today, the latest CEMBUREAU Quarterly Economic Report highlights that although real GDP has continued to grow in Q2 2015, the momentum has slowed compared to the previous quarter (+0.4% vs +0.5%). In this respect, business and consumer confidence indicators have fallen slightly in Q2 but have remained steadily above 2014 levels since January 2015.

CEMBUREAU: EU-ETS proposal needs to incentivise best performers to create jobs, growth and innovation in Europe

Brussels, 15 July 2015: CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association, has taken note of the Commission’s proposals on EU ETS post-2020 and will now proceed to a more in-depth analysis with a view to engaging in a constructive discussion with the Commission, European Parliament and Member States.

CEMBUREAU calls for truly Circular Economy

Brussels 9 July 2015 – CEMBUREAU has taken note of the European Parliament’s adoption of its ‘Own Initiative Report on Resource Efficiency: moving towards a circular economy’. We welcome the Parliament’s support for a sustainable supply of materials from European sources, as well as the call for legal certainty and long term predictability. In addition, we recognise that a variety of voluntary resource-efficiency indicators which take into consideration the three pillars of sustainability will have a role to play in the circular economy.