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CEMBUREAU at cement sustainability initiative (CSI) in Brazil

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CEMBUREAU took part in a recent meeting of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSIi), a member-led programme of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSDi). The event took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 1 September 2009. Some 70 participants from around the world attended to discuss key sustainability challenges facing the cement industry, in areas such as health and safety, greenhouse gas emissions management, biodiversity and technology.

A presentation on perspectives from the EU was given by CEMBUREAU, introducing the organisation and giving a brief outline of CEMBUREAU’s key recent achievements. These include the achievement of EU recognition that that the cement industry is at risk from carbon leakage. CEMBUREAU added that the engagement of trade associations in CSI should strengthen the role of the cement sector by promoting greater debate among members.

During other sessions, delegates heard that industry fatality rates need to be reduced, and that decisive company action is needed to make the workplace safer. Participants also discussed meeting social responsibility needs, establishing standards along the supply chain and achieving optimal cement use.

The Cement Sustainability Initiative’s sectoral approach to greenhouse gas mitigation in the cement industry can befound here: