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CEMBUREAU paper on REACH and recovered substances

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CEMBUREAU has prepared a paper which explains how companies manufacturing a recovered substance should go about using the exemption from registration for recovered substances (Art 2.7 (d)). The document is based on a legal opinion, ECHA’s guidance documents and input from members. It explains which information companies need in order to use the exemption from registration and where they can find the information.

In addition to this general text, the CEMBUREAU Secretariat will prepare an Annex which will provide the specific information which cement companies need to use the exemption from registration for the most important recovered substance for cement manufacturers: gypsum, fly ash and blast furnace slag.

The Secretariat will also investigate whether it is possible to also include iron sulfate. The Annex is not available yet, as not all the information from the consortia which are preparing the registration dossiers for these substances is available.