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CO2 Tax - further analysis

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In our last editorial we identified that the proposal to introduce a CO2 tax in the framework of the Directive on Taxation of Energy Products (2003/96/EC) would have a limited impact upon the cement industry. We raised questions to which further analysis now allows to answer.

The use of electricity in the cement industry, either in stand-alone or in integrated grinding plants, will not be taxed.

This is due to the fact that power production falls within the orbit of the ETSi.

The use of energy products listed in Annex 1 Table A & B, when used for motor purposes in the cement industry and transportation of cement, will have to bear the CO2 tax. Minimum rates of taxation are prescribed in Annex 1.

Astrid Lulling (EPP-LU) has been appointed Rapporteur for the ECON Committee of the European Parliament, giving only a consultative opinion.