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Commission further postpones proposal to review Energy Products Taxation Directive

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The Commission has postponed the adoption of the proposal to review the energy products taxation Directive until 2011. The Commission was originally planning to present the proposal end of 2010, but as the adoption has been delayed. The estimated adoption date is early 2011 but further delays are possible.

The proposal would review Directive 2003/96/EC to introduce a minimum harmonised tax on energy products based on their CO2 emissions and additional taxes based on the energy content. The aim of the review is to cover all energy sources but avoid overlap with the Emissions Trading Scheme. The proposal would cover all sources of greenhouse gases not currently covered by ETSi, e.g. small capacity installations and grinding stations that are currently not covered by ETS. It would also introduce an exemption for CO2 taxation of energy products that fall under the ETS scheme to avoid cumulative costs for CO2 reductions. The exemption of biomass from CO2 taxation has also been discussed.

Once adopted, the proposal will be sent to the European Parliament for a non-binding opinion and to the Council for adoption by unanimity.