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Construction products Directive adopted by Council

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The Council adopted the Commission’s proposal on the placing on the market and sale of construction products without debate at a Council meeting held on 28 February 2011. The Construction Products Directive, which is being recast as a Regulation with simplified procedures and clearer definitions introduced to make it easier to apply in practice, will regulate the safety and technical requirements of all products used in construction works in the EU.
The finalised text of the proposal is based on an informal compromise agreement reached with the European Parliament's earlier in January 2011. The Directive means that building materials containing hazardous substances will have to be clearly labelled to protect the health and safety of building workers and other users. Following pressure from MEPs, the "declaration of performance" required for every construction product under the new rules will have to include information on hazardous substances, as required by the 2006 REACHi Regulation, so as to meet health and safety standards and make the contents clear to all users. Other amendments to the legislation accepted by the Council deal with environmental protection, the recycling of construction products and the need to take account of health and safety throughout the life cycle of the construction product when assessing its performance.
The Directive will be published in the EU's Official Journal during March 2011 and will be fully applicable two years following its publication in the EU’s Official Journal.