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Council adopts Common Position on building energy performance proposal

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The Council adopted its Common Position on the proposal for a Directive on the energy performance of buildings on 14 April. The Common Position incorporates the informal agreement found with Parliament on the proposal, and follows a draft statement from the Council on its Common Position. The European Parliament’s vote on the proposal has been postponed until May 2010.

The Common Position briefly recalls the steps accomplished towards reaching an early agreement between the Council and Parliament. The Position includes the agreement that in 2020 all new buildings (commercial and households) will have to be “nearly-zero energy” buildings, while by 2018, all new public sector buildings will have to be “nearly-zero energy” buildings. Furthermore, a possibility to upgrade existing buildings to “nearly-zero” energy buildings was inserted in the text, while the Council also wants to see a voluntary EU certification scheme for the non-residential sector. The Council text also has a stronger focus on renewable energies, along with a revision clause for 2017. The Council also wants to see the 1000 m2 threshold for refurbishing buildings removed.

There were no votes in the European Parliament plenary session in April because of the disruption of air traffic in Europe. Consequently, the vote on the proposal for a Directive on energy performance of buildings has been postponed, probably until May 2010.

The Council’s position at first reading on the energy performance of buildings proposal can be found here:

The Council’s draft statement on its Common Position can be found here: