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Do you speak sustainable construction?

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Achieving intelligent energy in cities by speaking the same language’ was the theme of the event jointly organised on 24 March by the Architects Council of Europe and the European Concrete Platform, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week.  The two organisations also launched the results of the ‘Common Language’ project.

“There is a need for a holistic approach to sustainable construction and we have thus aimed to show leadership in this field” stated Selma Harrington, President of ACEi.

Bernd Wolschner, President of the ECP, added “This project aims to improve understanding and awareness of all actors and policy-makers”.

How can intelligent energy be implemented in cities if we do not speak the same language? ACE and ECP have worked together on a freely available web-based tool, the aim of which is to bring to an end the confusion that reigns when authorities, policy-makers, consumers, planners and the construction industry as a whole are talking about sustainable construction.  This tool will also contribute towards facilitating knowledge transfer, and thus to the achievement of intelligent energy in cities.

During the conference, this tool was presented together with a clear example of its usage. The tool is available in wiki format from here:

The presentations given during the conference can be downloaded from here