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EED: Agreement reached between Parliament and Council

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On 13 June 2012, the European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). Several of the elements contained within the compromise are of relevance to the cement sector. The text agreed includes “deep renovation” as an energy efficiency measure. In this respect, CEMBUREAU regrets that the important role which can also be played by rebuilding is not included. In relation to energy audits, the compromise indicates that these may be carried out by in-house experts. With regards to the use of waste heat, the text indicates that this should be subject to a cost benefit analysis. On the issue of the Emissions Trading Scheme, the Council decision was accompanied by a statement from the European Commission whereby it undertakes to examine options for action with a view to further appropriate structural measures to strengthen the ETSi during phase 3, and make it more effective. An early review of the deal is envisaged for 2016 and the Directive is expected to achieve 17% of the 20% energy efficiency savings needed by 2020. The agreement was approved by the Council (COREPER) on 14 June 2012 and with the vote in Plenary (Parliament) scheduled for September 2012.

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