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Environment Committee debates marine CCS proposal

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A debate on the Draft Report on the convention for the protection of the marine environment: relating to the storage of carbon dioxide streams in geological formations took place in Parliament’s Environment Committee earlier this month. The Committee’s Rapporteur Anna Rosbach (Europe of Freedom and Democracy group, Denmark) said that questions still remain over the damage a leak could cause to the marine environment, and the measures that still need to be taken in case of accidents. Ms Rosbach suggested that more money should be given to researchers to try to tackle the CO2 problem in a different way. Chris Davies (Alliance of Liberal Democrats in Europe, United Kingdom), who was the Rapporteur on last year’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Directive, said that, while CCS is not a long term solution, it is better to inject CO2 into the ground than to allow it to escape into the atmosphere. The vote in Environment Committee is due to take place in November.

The Draft Report is available here: