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ETS and Aviation: retaliation measures envisaged against EU

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On 21 February 2012, a group of countries who strongly oppose the inclusion of aviation in the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme, met in Moscow to discuss future action. 26 countries were present during the meeting, including Russia, China, India and the US. A range of measures have been agreed, however each country is free to choose those which they wish to apply. These measures include:

  • Baring the country’s airlines from participating in the carbon-trading programme
  • Imposing retaliatory measures on EU airlines, such as additional levies, and
  • Filing a formal complaint with the United Nation's International Civil Aviation Organisation.

In this respect, Russia has also indicated that it is prepared to cap EU flights over Siberia.

The group is due to meeting again in Saudi Arabia during the summer.

More information: Joint declaration