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ETS: Study outlines recommendations to strengthen ETS

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In a report, commissioned by WWF and Greenpeace, entitled “Strengthening the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and Raising Climate Ambition: Facts, Measures and Implications”, the Öko-Institut has highlighted a series of recommendations in order to strengthen the ETSi. These include the following proposals:

  • Setting aside a number of EU emission allowances for a decade or more, or retired at the earliest point in time.
  • Tightening the long-term cap by significantly increasing the linear reduction factor, preferably from 2014 on.
  • Not creating additional entitlements for the use of external emission reduction credits in the process of tightening the EU ETS cap.
  • Reflecting the implementation of high impact complementary policies, a long-lasting change in fundamental drivers for baseline emissions or other changes in the regulatory framework by a strictly rule-based and high-threshold provision to lower the cap in the EU ETS.

More information:

Full study