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NOx & SO2 trading

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CEMBUREAU has called upon President Barroso and other Commissioners vis-à-vis urgent action to avoid an EU-wide NOxi and SO2 trading scheme for IPPCi (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) installations. It must be born in mind that, upon consultation in May 2007, the overwhelming majority (quasi unanimity) of stakeholders, took the view that the introduction of such a cap & trade mechanism was unnecessary. A consortium led by ENTEC UK Ltd is producing, for the European Commission (DG Environment), a study onthe “Assessment of the possible development of an EU-wide NOx and SO2 trading scheme for IPPC installations” to which CEMBUREAU is willing to contribute.

CEMBUREAU strongly believes that the whole idea may still be avoided. The call for action received strong support from the Alliance for a Competitive European Industry (ACEIi) and is on the agenda of the energy-intensive industries concerned.