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REACH - ECHA calls for information on chemical toxicity

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The European Chemicals Agency (ECHAi) has made a call for information on the reproductive toxicity of a specific chemical substance in September. According to ECHA, the aim of the call is to receive relevant data with a view to making sure that animal testing is carried out only as a last resort. This is the first time that this type of public consultation, which is foreseen by the REACHi Regulation, has been made. In this instance, the registration concerns a new substance with a complex and variable composition that cannot be made public by ECHA.

However, this UVCB (Substances of Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex reaction products or Biological Materials) substance bears the generic chemical name “hydrogenated oligomerisation product including dimmers and trimers, of tetradec-1-ene and alkene”.

The request for information can be found here: