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Case studies

Forestry Reorganization of Recovered Areas of the Bom Jesus Quarry – A Tool for Biodiversity

At the Bom Jesus there are currently 126.1 hectares of ancient quarry recovered, representing 36.4% of the total licensed area. The recovered land plays an important role in the regulation of both water and air cycles, as well as soil conservation, and have contributed to increased biodiversity of the local fauna and flora with significant benefits to the urban and peri-urban areas surrounding it.

Biodiversity Action Plan

The main objective of the Action Plan is to manage and promote fauna occupation associated with the restoration of the landscape in progress since 1982. The measures proposed intend to influence the limiting factors identified, which in turn influence the abundance and diversity of species, promoting a balance between flora and fauna.

Greenhouse – The use of native species in quarry rehabilitation

SECIL implemented a Landscape Rehabilitation Plan in the SECIL-Outão Plant, with two active quarries, where progressive revegetation started in 1982. This case study highlights the importance of using native species in the sustainable work of quarry rehabilitation, as well as the importance of having a greenhouse (nursery plant) dedicated to this process.

Volcanic field education

The quarry is located in an important volcanic area, the “Calatrava volcanic field”, which lies in central Spain, near Cuidad Real. The quarry is still active and the aim is to harmonize industrial, scientific, educational and tourist uses. In order to achieve this goal, both areas will be kept independent: the mining area, where extraction, loading and maintenance works will continue; and the public use area, where the museum visits will take place.

Biodiversity Case Studies - Usage

The case studies incorporated into this section provide information on the kinds of actions undertaken by the European cement industry. Prior permission must be obtained in the event that you wish to use the images or the text. Please contact for more information.