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CEMBUREAU is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe.

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Position papers

In its response, the Association stated that it is fully committed to reducing GHG emissions in line with overall EU policy objectives. This has been demonstrated by investments over the past 20 years which have driven down CO2 emissions from clinker production and by our roadmap to go much further in the coming decades.


In July 2013 three strategic directions were set out for the association: (i) continue to protect and defend our industry; (ii) promote concrete as a material of choice in sustainable construction and (iii) create a compelling case and broad alignment on the need for a competitive, local cement and concrete industry.
On 25 September 2013, CEMBUREAU unveiled its vision of what the cement industry could potentially achieve on the road to a low carbon economy of the future.
Produced by The Boston Consulting Group, this study outlines the competitiveness of the cement industry in Europe and its role in helping Europe to achieve its goals of developing a sustainable, resource efficient and innovative society.

The role of cement in the 2050 Low Carbon Economy

This 2050 roadmap is based on 5 parallel routes that can each contribute to lowering emissions related to cement production, as well as concrete production.

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Key facts & figures

The economic cycle bottomed out in Q2 2013 and rose in H2 2013 - yet ongoing austerity measures, deflationary pressures, low consumer and business confidence and slowdown in exports have resulted in rather weak H1 2014 macroeconomic figures.
Further to the improvement in the macroeconomic and industrial environment that was observed over the second half of 2013, real GDP growth in Q1 2014 remained in positive territory in the EU (0.3%), albeit rather weakly, with economic performance continuing to diverge amongst individual countries.

Latest news

IUCN, in collaboration with CEMBUREAU and other industry associations in the cement and aggregates sector, has launched a new guide to encourage companies to responsibly manage biodiversity throughout their operations.


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The Concrete Initiative

The Concrete Initiative wishes to engage with stakeholders on the issue of sustainable construction, and in particular the barriers and solutions to harness its multiple benefits.
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