Project Examples

In late 2019, the European Commission published its Green Deal priorities. Those relevant for the cement, concrete, and construction industry are green cities, renovation & recycling, energy-efficient and performing buildings, and digitalisation. They are linked below to the main building trends and illustrated by case studies, or jobsites located in CEMBUREAU member countries.

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Green cities

Green cities involve, amongst others, a focus on the value and whole life cost: this concern is materialised in the introduction of sustainability rating systems as BREEAM, LEED as well as various country-specific environmental sustainability ratings.

Energy-efficient and performing buildings

Energy-efficient and performing buildings involve low-energy design and low-carbon solutions (to be illustrated) requiring adapted concrete compositions and alternative additions. 

Recycling & renovation

Recycling & renovation has always been a top priority for the construction industry. Various measures are deployed which minimise waste production, reduce virgin raw material demand, and reuse material in place. Last but not least, renovation and/or extension of existing, often historic, buildings.


Digitalisation is not only enabling better organisation on jobsites, resulting in various savings, but also facilitating an inventory of used products and materials in view of future deconstruction; e.g. Building Integrated Modelling.

Other examples

A few examples with sustainable features, which could not be classified under the Green Deal priorities, include renewable energy features, such as hydro-electric energy generation.

Photo Gallery

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